Why Move To Scottsdale, Arizona

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Why Move To Scottsdale, Arizona

There are many reasons people cite for wanting to move to Scottsdale, Arizona. Some are planning to retire there others are drawn by the natural beauty, the warm weather, and the proximity to scenic attractions. Younger people stay after college or may have found jobs and are moving into the metropolitan area. Regardless of the situation or demographic, people are taking advantage of declining home prices throughout Arizona to move their families into an upscale community with a vibrant urban culture.

Those who are moving into the area to take jobs have many reasons for choosing Scottsdale over other cities in the area. Scottsdale is a town built on the outskirts of Phoenix, a city with a lower cost of living. However, people considering moving to Scottsdale say that they are seeing a window of opportunity to move their families into better surroundings. They see beautiful homes – warm, inviting places set in friendly neighborhoods – that have declined in price but not in value. They talk about the splendid restaurants, theaters, art galleries, and interesting historical sites. Parents also mention the higher quality education in Scottsdale's schools. If you're interested in the moving to Scottsdale, Arizona, click here to view properties for sale in Scottsdale.  


Why Retire in Scottsdale

Retirees have different reasons for choosing Scottsdale. They often talk about the gorgeous desert sunsets that fill the sky with purples and reds that deepen into twilight and then give way to sparkling stars in the clear night sky. They reference the beauty of the mountains in the distance and the warm weather that is pleasant more than nine months of the year. Many say they love the golf courses that abound in the area.


Retirees also mention the day trips that are available to nearby tourist attractions. Many tour companies in the area are eager to provide transportation to these sites for those who do not wish to drive themselves. Soon after leaving the urban area, people can enjoy winding through canyon roads or scenic mountain forests. The soothing red rocks of Sedona are very close, as is the majestic vision of the Salt River sprinkled with wild horses. A short drive to the old mining town of Jerome delights history buffs. For those who want to go far back in time, ancient cliff dwellings and native American villages are only a 90-minute drive away.


In closing, both retirees and younger families agree that there is much to see and do in and around Scottsdale. Whether they are attracted by the housing prices or the adventure, they are all glad they came.

Richard Real Estate Sales & Property Management's roots began in Scottsdale, so we have a deep connection with the area. If you'd like to view homes for sale or rent in Scottsdale, please contact us.

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