Learn why more people are moving to Buckeye Arizona

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Learn why more people are moving to Buckeye Arizona

With all the events happening around the world today, more and more people are moving to Buckeye, Arizona. While people relocate for a myriad of reasons, we'll help you better understand why the this big little city in the desert has become such a desirable destination and how it got started.

Buckeye was established in 1929 and got its name from an early settler from Ohio, The Buckeye State. Considered by some to be a little wild and a lot of fun, this city is a haven for wildlife and outdoors enthusiasts of all ages. Plus, there’s still a large amount of land and economic opportunities available, so Buckeye continues to grow.
As the westernmost suburb of Phoenix, Buckeye is the one major Arizona cities between Phoenix and Los Angeles. That very fact alone makes Buckeye extremely attractive to California companies looking to relocate. David Roderique, Buckeye’s economic development director said in an article for Cronkite News that, “They can’t take the congestion and the cost of regulation and all the problems that California is having, so Buckeye benefits from that”.

Buckeye, Arizona has a little something for everyone.

Buckeye boasts a healthy economy, popular parks, golf courses, recreation areas and is located near five highways, a municipal airport and the railroad. Also people looking for affordable housing and planned communities find exactly what they need in Buckeye. At this time, only 5% of the land inside the city limits is developed, with a sprawling 640 sq. miles of undeveloped land. When you consider Buckeye’s backdrop is the beautiful White Tank Mountains, many people fall in love with the area when they arrive.
We at Richard Real Estate can confirm the interest in recent years for Buckeye. In fact, we receive calls every month from Arizonians or Californians considering relocating or retiring to Buckeye, Arizona. Who could blame them? Popular neighborhoods like Sundance, Sun City Festival, Festival Foothills and Verrado offer new construction and resale homes with a variety of designs and price points. Clients will find home styles ranging from Contemporary and Mediterranean Revival to Spanish Revival and Modern Pueblo.
When you buy a new construction, the home's builder is considered the seller, and the agent representing the builder is called the "Builder's Agent". Obviously, the "Builder's Agent" will have the interest of the Builder at heart. Their job is to get you to pay the highest price for the home the builder is selling.  If you don't have anyone representing you in the new construction process, chances are you'll be missing out on the opportunity to negotiate and comprehension of key contractual clauses.
Outdoor enthusiasts are attracted to Buckeye Hills Regional Park offering 4,000+ acres of natural desert and scenic views of the Sonoran Desert rolling hills and the Gila River. While active hikers and bikers enjoy The White Tank Mountain Regional Park which is full of trails for people of all active ranges.
If you’re thinking about moving from Phoenix to Buckeye or California to Arizona, call Richard Real Estate Sales, LLC at 623-386-8762. Being born and raised in Arizona and living in Buckeye gives me a distinctive advantage over other real estate agents. Click here to view current homes on the market!

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